Compare with pm2 and Forever

Feature StrongLoop Process Manager pm2 Forever
Run app locally slc start pm2 start app.js -name foo forever start app.js
Restart on failure Yes Yes Yes
Graceful/rolling restarts Available Available No
OS startup script support Yes Yes No
Security HTTP auth and HTTP+SSH SSH only for deploy No
Set environment variables Available on install and with slc ctl env-set command Available as part of ecosystem configuration No
Log aggregation/rotation Yes; log file and syslog Yes; multihost, with rotation. Log file only; no syslog No
Multiple app support Manages multiple local or remote apps Manages multiple local or remote apps Manage multiple local apps
Language Support Node only Can run any script file Can run any script file
Build & Deploy
Build and package repositories Supports Git and npm-pack based builds No No
Deploy apps to Docker container Yes No No
Remote deploy Yes Yes No
Multiple deploys/revert Deploys over SSH, HTTP.
Revert any previous deployment.
Deploys over SSH, revert to previous deployment No
Clustering & Management
Clustering Available Available No
Resize clusters At deploy-time, start-time, and runtime At deploy-time and start-time only No
Manage remotely Deploy over SSH+HTTP
Manage over REST (+SSH)
Deploy over SSH No
Load balancer auto-configuration Yes No No
Profiling Heap and CPU profiles No No
Profile triggering Trigger profiling based on slow event loop No No
Metrics CPU, memory, database, NoSQL connectors, many others CPU, memory, stack traces reported on error output No
Integrate with external metrics Yes: StatsD, graphite, Splunk, etc. only No